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Hi and welcome to my work at home opportunity, this page will be aimed at helping anyone starting an online business, work at home opportunity, where I will share links to help you make the sales and recruit new members, links will be from who to host with, where to buy high PR Domains, seo, themes, plugins and a lot more, including links to make money, this is just a small taster of what I have on my other website in my members forum, this website will soon be ready to launch, you can sign up for more information here.




If you are doing a work at opportunity and you are not using Email marketing, then this is something you need to consider, what are the benefits, If you have a website or blog, you can put your email sign up form on the home page, sending your potential customer or recruit to your shop, promotional page, affiliate link or you can build a squeeze page again put your sign up form on the page and direct them to your shop, promotional page, affiliate link or anywhere you want to send them and the best part is you now have there email to send them other offers, links and are now able to help them make money and build there trust in you, why not see how little it costs to set up, but the benefits are amazing, click the link below for a free trial.

What ever work at home opportunity/business you start, you need to post on facebook groups and let people know about you and your new work at home opportunity or business products.


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Income Blueprint X – $18,044.53 Per Month


Income Blueprint X – $18,044.53 Per Month
Income Blueprint X – $18,044.53 Per Month


“There truly is a science to creating a passive income and I use the exact same system that Kory is teaching here in my own business. It’s reliable, it’s proven and it’s the way I’ve been making a living online since day 1.”

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Super Promo Pages

Super Promo Pages
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Lee Murray’s “Down and Dirty List Building 2.0″


Lee Murray’s “Down and Dirty List Building 2.0″
Lee Murray’s “Down and Dirty List Building 2.0″

Get Ready for the Piggy-Back Ride of Your Life…
Let’s just go right ahead and skip all the niceties.
I’m thrilled that you’re here, my name is Lee Murray, yackity-smackity-yarfity-snarfity. Who cares? You wanna know how I’m about to transform the hell outta your life. And I’m bouts ta just straight up tell ya. Sound good?
Sweet, I’m into it.
Listen, the “tough stuff” clearly has its place in online money-making. Some folks are technically inclined, can set up business systems with hundreds of moving parts, have no problem developing (or outsourcing) massive, mega-deep sales funnels, etc.
Many of these “big shots” create huge product lines, multiple sales and squeeze pages, multiple lead capture and “tripwire” products, extensive coaching programs, systematic partnerships, mega launches, huge lists, and on and on…
Are your eyes glazing over yet?
The truth is, people really do make money hand-over-fist online. But most of these people have deep pockets, endless available hours, the finest mentors, pre-established reputations, and other advantages that your average bear simply doesn’t have.
It’s not unfair. It’s just freakin’ life, yo.
But you don’t have to “just get used to it.”
There are systems designed for quick and easy implementation that can yield regular peeps like us absolutely astonishing returns… earning us healthy, full-time, and most importantly… passive online incomes.
What Is a True, Passive Income?
I know the term gets thrown around all the time… but I believe that it’s both misused by most product vendors… and misunderstood by most aspiring marketers.
“Passive income” literally means that you’ve built yourself an online asset that continually pays you without any effort whatsoever required on your part. It’s completely effortless, beyond its initial setup. Sounds kinda rad, don’t it? 😉
List building and email marketing have the potential to provide this kind of passive income for you. You simply load up your autoresponder with a nice, deep sales funnel, bring people to your squeeze page, and let your emails do the rest.
But is that really a fully passive process?
Once the emails are loaded, they’re loaded. You don’t have to keep loading them. Sure, you can forever add to and deepen your funnel (and I certainly encourage you to do so)… but you clearly don’t have to in order to enjoy an ongoing, hands-free income.
Seriously, an initial setup of 15-30 emails is all you really need.
Obviously, your squeeze page is a one-time setup too. You don’t need to build a new squeeze page every week or whatever. It’s clearly a set-and-forget thing.
But what about the whole “bring people to your squeeze page” part of the equation? Yeah, that’s a bit more active, isn’t it? You need to keep feeding the machine if you wanna keep getting paid!
Well, guess what. I think I may even be able to solve this dilemma for you. More on that soon. Stay with me here…
“But Lee, the Initial Setup Is Hard As Hell, Ain’t It?”
Gosh, it most certainly can be. No question.
I mean, don’t get it twisted. It’s totally worth the effort. But I know for an absolute fact that most people fail at this stuff because it’s just too complicated. There are too many moving parts and technical requirements for most people’s blood.
Think about what’s “par for the course” of a solid list building and email marketing campaign. Most successful email marketers have:
Created a comprehensive lead magnet (aka freebie offer).
Crafted, split-tested, and optimized the perfect squeeze page.
Generated bonus-rich download pages.
Produced a full “tripwire” (paid product) campaign.
Generated a series of upsells.
Linked everything together via pre-loaded follow-up email.
Built strong relationships with their subscribers over time.
Established healthy online reputations for themselves.
Grown a massive network of friends, partners, service providers, etc.
Answered hundreds of customer questions and replied to hundreds of support tickets.
And that’s just scratching the surface.
I know many of the people who do this stuff. Hell, I’m one of ’em. But I’m not delusional. The vast majority of up-and-comers (as well as nearly all of those who have perished in this business over the past couple of decades) don’t have the ability nor the desire to do all this crazy shiznit.
I mean, it’s a lot of stuff!
Squeeze pages, thank-you pages, download pages, welcome emails, user engagement, paid products, customer support, brand-building, solo ads, ad swaps, affiliate attraction, social media mastery, blogging, team building… it can take YEARS to figure all this stuff out, and even longer to effectively implement.
Most of us need money today.
At a very bare minimum, we need to know that the work we’re doing today will generate a real income soon. Days or weeks… not months or years.
And here’s the thing…
It really can.
How to Set Your Money-Making On Hyper Speed:
The first thing you need to do if you’re committed to gettin’ that sweet taste of success in your mouth sooner than later is to skip past 90% of the setup work.
Sure, you can outsource all the lead magnet setup… and the emails… and well… you can pretty much outsource the entire damn thing. But then it’s not really your business. You’re not in control because you likely don’t even understand your funnel. This is why most DFY funnels fail their users in a big way.
This is especially true because most of these DFY resources are IM niche exclusive. And if you’re operating within the IM space, I can tell you from experience that your prospects will see straight through all the bullshit.
Lee Murray’s “Down and Dirty List Building 2.0″


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Free Traffic Frenzy

Free Traffic Frenzy

I’m sure you may be feeling a bit differently about using free traffic sources and I get it because there’s a strong possibility that what I am telling you today may go against the grain of anything that you may have heard or learned in the past.

We’ve already established the fact that you may have been lied to by the “Gurus” . . . but I will take it an extra step and tell you that they don’t even practice what they preach!

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